Less is not automatically more, nor is more necessarily less. Less is less and sometimes that’s the right amount. Generalization develops from an effort to overcome uncertainty and it is, in my opinion, often the easiest way to do so. So I try to stay away from such truisms. From my experience, designers develop a habit that one may call ‘style’ or, if one’s feeling a bit nasty, one may call ‘keeping it safe’. For myself, I try to postpone this habit as long as I can, instead focusing on the project at hand, its needs, its restrictions; the general conclusion of this mostly leading to the motto »keep it stupid and simple«.

I was born in 1991 in Saarbrücken, a small city in the south west of Germany. After finishing school, I moved to Bremen, where I got a Bachelor's degree in Integrated Design at the University of the Arts (HfK), followed by a master’s degree at the program Sprache und Kommunikation—From Aleph To Eternity, supervised by Samuel Nyholm and Tania Prill.

From 2017 to 2019 I was working for the german news magazine Der Spiegel, being responsible for the design of Literaturspiegel (and later on it’s successor, Spiegel Bestseller) and Spiegel Expedition (the latter in collaboration with Annika Loebel), as well as working on the weekly news magazine.

I interned both at Zeit Magazin and NODE Berlin. Before that, I was part of the design team for the HfK-produced magazine Zeitschrift der Straße and worked as a graphic designer for the University of the Arts.
Currently I am working on freelance and self initiated projects.