Artist book

180 pages, 13x20 cm,
thread sewn by hand

gilt edging,
edition of 6


Drake Drake Drake Drake Drake Drake Drake Drake

The idea for the book was conceived during a meeting with a couple of artist friends who wanted to take a closer look at the phenomenon of Drake's success. Upon first review of his music and lyrics as well as his artist persona he seemed to be the archetype of a new generation of undoubtedly cool, yet sensitive hip hop artists—and, by extension and reception, men in general.

The book sets a frame for his lyrics to be perceived outside the context of hip hop or pop culture, thus allowing a different/broader audience entrance to the emotionally ambiguous oeuvre of the Canadian actor-turned-rapper. Quite obviously produced by a fan—the book as an object is reminiscent of a hymn book or bible—the reader is invited to reflect upon the content, which may or may not be reviewed as a form of contemporary poetry, a documentary of pop culture or an elaborate work of fan art.

The Drake book was exhibited in Bremen, Bergen, Vienna, Stockholm and London in the travelling exhibition Artists as Independent Publishers, as well as in the exhibition Artist Books for Everything at Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen at Weserburg, Bremen.