Heal the World
exhibition catalogue

88 pages, 20x28cm

500 copies, offset print


Heal the World Heal the World Heal the World Heal the World Heal the World Heal the World Heal the World Heal the World

The title of the Meistersch├╝ler exhibition of 2016 is borrowed from the iconic pop song by Michael Jackson, but can also be read as the groups motivation to produce art. In a group meeting, the 11 artists discussed their opinions of the exhibition title, the possibilities of changing the world through art, and the state of the art scene in general. An anonymised transcript of this discussion opens the catalogue.

Designed in the form of a magazine, the catalogue shows the exhibition views of each work, but adds another layer by giving each artist 3 full pages to do with whatever they please: show works that were not featured in the exhibition, expand or explain their featured works, or advertise their Instagram accounts. The posters, flyers and cover show, in an homage to the title, three healing plants, which ironically happen to be on the list of endangered plants.

The catalogue was released in August 2018 at Weserburg, Museum f├╝r moderne Kunst Bremen. Read more here.