A Millenial Love Story
graduation project

reading and exhibition

various media


A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story A Millenial Love Story

A contemporary love story in three acts and one exhibition.

The story was read as the presentation of my master’s project at Hochschule für Künste Bremen. It is set in a bar, where the narrator meets a fellow lonely guest who starts telling him about his previous »relationship« that didn’t end in a happily ever after. Cutting between the story told by the protagonist and the depictions by the narrator, the story speaks of insecurity, miscommunication, desire and temptation. After the reading the audience was invited to the exhibition.

A bar serving only one drink, Remember the Dame (Leon Lothschütz with Torsten Bender, 2017) greets the viewer. Behind the bar, the three blades of a deconstructed ceiling fan read the hand written words »past«, »perfect« and »continouus« (Lucas Odahara, Ex Lovers, 2017). A Stained cocktail dress hangs from the bar, as if just put there to dry (Marijana Radovic, Stained, 2017). Leaning on the bar, the viewer sees to his right a makeshift glass painting, depicting a couple longing for a kiss that will never happen, as they can’t leave their own boundaries set by the rooms architecture (Marijana Radovic and Leon Lothschütz, Der Morgenstern, 2017). Left of the bar, hanging on the wall, a broken reinterpretation of the blinking heart emoji (Leon Lothschütz, There is a light that never goes out, 2017) illuminates the window of the gallery, which is scattered in pieces across the floor (Leon Lothschütz, Some fall in love, I shatter, 2017). The shards almost completely block the path to a wall of flowers fixed on the wall, drying and rotting over the course of the exhibition (Leon Lothschütz, If I had a flower for every time I fell in love, 2017).

The reading and opening were held at Auditorium and Galerie Flut at HfK Bremen on September 29th 2017.

All photos by Jakob Weber.