with Büro Hellllo

exhibition posters, catalogue and catalogue website


MESH2018 MESH2018 MESH2018 MESH2018 MESH2018

MESH means tissue, means a structure that makes the connection, the relation to each other possible. This, of course, includes controversy, antitheses and contradictions.
– Ingo Clauß, curator

For the 2018 Meisterschüler exhibition at Weserburg, Museum für moderne Kunst Bremen, Büro Hellllo and I developed a visual identity based on the interconnection between the 14 artists that holds them together in one exhibition, yet leaves them room for growth and developement in their work thereafter.

To present the works outside the exhibition we developped a website, programmed by Guida Ribeiro, that allows the viewer to shift their focus on either the text or the image part of the respective artist’s work.

Additionaly, as a representation in the haptic world, we designed a newspaperesque print catalogue including a text to each artist’s work, but a limited amount of pictures, with references and advertisements to visit the website. The exhibition views for both print and web were photographed by Franziska von den Driesch.

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